Blue & Grey Stoneware Made in Pennsylvania in the German Westerwald Tradition

Twelve hands-on steps, lead-free glazes, dishwasher & microwave safe

All pieces are signed and dated & many feature “Hellertown” in blue.

Rear, Against Brick L-R:  Large Pie Plate $24.; Small Pie Plate $21.

Top Shelf L-R: Small Mug $14.; Oil Lamp $14.; Pickle Crock $21.; Small Mug $14.;

Bean Pot with Lid $26.

Top Step L-R: Cat’s Meow Heller-Wagner Grist Mill $20.; Small Mug $14.  

Middle Step L-R:  Soup Mug $16.; Salt Crock $20.

Bottom Shelf L-R: Soup Mug $16.; Batter Bowl $20.; Colonial Candleholders $11. Each;

Batter Bowl $20.

Bottom Step L-R: Heart Candleholders $11. Each

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