Hellertown Historical Society Speaker Series 2013

Mills in America

The 2013 Speakers’ Series got underway March 21st with guest speaker and mill enthusiast, Jeff Donat discussing mills in America. Jeff shared his considerable knowledge and passion for various mills and presented the audience with some staggering statistics regarding past and present mills in Northampton County. Of 65 documented-to-date mill sites in Northampton County, the Heller-Wagner Grist Mill site is one of only five which have been preserved and house museums. In addition to explaining the mechanics of various style mills, Jeff shared highlights from his collection of pictures and postcards of mills.


The Moravians of Bethlehem

On May 7, the Speakers’ Series continued with Kristen Mills speaking on The Moravians of Bethlehem. Kristen, one of our very own HHS members, has extensive knowledge on the Moravians. She was Site Coordinator of the Moravian Museum in Bethlehem and wrote an honors thesis entitled Pietistic Religions and the American Revolution: A Case Study on the Moravian Community of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Her enlightened presentation explained how the “Love Feast” and other traditions began. We learned the Moravians actually divided up the men, women, children, etc… by “choirs” to live, and named each building accordingly. That is why today we can visit buildings called the Widow’s House and Brethren’s House to name a few.


Photo History of Bethlehem Steel

On June 18, the guest speaker duo of John Weber and Lori Stack provided a visual walk down memory lane for many of us who remember Bethlehem Steel when it was in operation. Both presenters are avid photographers, both professionally and personally, and they generously shared that passion with us. They utilized photographs from John’s mentor, Barney Baunach, to further document Bethlehem Steel’s past. To paraphrase Lori, “it is important to capture history on film while it is here. Once it is gone, it is gone forever.”


The Hellers of Hellertown

On September 17, the Hellertown Historical Society’s Speakers’ Series came to a close for the 2013 season with a presentation about “The Hellers of Hellertown” from guest speakers Karen Samuels and Ken Raniere.

All of our speakers managed to capture history and bring it to life once again. For many of us, it was

wonderful to see sights that we once took for granted on a day to day basis and to better understand the history that remains.

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