April 2022 Board of Directors Meeting

The Board of Directors held their regularly scheduled monthly meeting in the Tavern Room April 14, 2022 at 6PM. The purpose of this meeting was the nomination and election of Board of Directors’ Officers – President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary.

The Board Officers for the 2022-23 Fiscal Year are President, Stacie Torkos; Vice-President, Larry Sutton; Treasurer, Gilbert Stauffer; and Secretary, Tina Krasnansky.

After the election of officers, the Board moved onto regular business. The Board heard progress on the submission to add the Walnut Street Pony Bridge to the National Registry. Once confirmed, the Board will continue to move toward submission of the Grist Mill and perhaps even the entire Grist Mill site to the National Registry.

Further business discussed were logistics for re-establishing school tours of the site, re-joining the local Chamber of Commerce and Tavern Room use updates.

The Treasurer provided a report for the past two months which was approved by the Board.

The building and grounds are in need of “spring cleaning”. The Board plans to schedule a work session in the near future to address this. Certainly anyone wishing to lend some “elbow grease and muscle” would be greatly appreciated. Keep watch for an announcement on this soon.

The Board began preliminary discussion about adding a water wheel to the Grist Mill. The original water wheel has since been discarded at some unknown time. There seems to be no documentation or photographs of the wheel in our collection. The Historical Society would greatly appreciate any such evidence of the original water wheel should someone have it and be willing to share it. Meanwhile the discussion will continue about the feasibility of replacing the wheel with another.

The Board then discussed some upcoming events and the need for planning them – SV Easter Egg Hunt (April 16), the Community Yard Sale (June 4) and Passport to History Day (July 23). More details will be provided when planning continues.

With no further business to be conducted, the meeting was adjourned.

The next monthly meeting of the Board is scheduled for May 12, 2022 at 6PM in the Tavern Room. All members are welcome to attend.

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