Hellertown Bottling Works

Hellertown Bottling Works was owned and operated by William Austin Seigfried for about 35 years until 1971. The business was founded in September, 1935. The business offered multiple flavors of carbonated beverages. The building located at 717 Easton Road, adjacent to the Borough Hall property, was its bottling facility. It has since been used as the Public Works facility for the Borough. Nearby distributors sold Hellertown Bottling beverages to thirsty locals in clearly marked “Hellertown Bottling Works” embossed or emblazoned glass bottles, which were set in wood carriers. This author has enjoyed many bottles of all the flavors offered, in particular, the famous, one-of-a-kind chocolate soda. Even though it was non-carbonated, it was still called “soda”. I can safely say it was much better than Yoo-Hoo! The iconic Hellertown Bottling Works bottles are true collector items and can be found on various auction sites online. Take a look at these photos and tell us YOUR favorite flavor!!
(Photos courtesy Dan Ruth and Images of America – Saucon Valley)

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