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Hellertown Historical Society sells a variety of quality gift items to please anyone’s taste. Each Gift Shop purchase assists the Society to raise funding to support its Mission Statement of maintaining the buildings/grounds and the collection of artifacts within our possession.

Choose from a selection of pottery, ornaments, trivets, commemorative plates and historical Hellertown remnants.

Shop hours Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 9:30AM-11:30AM or by appointment.

Call 610-838-1770 or send email to


Westerwald Pottery

Westerwald Pottery was established in 1975 to satisfy the growing demand for hand-made, decorated pottery. While production has increased dramatically at Westerwald, the same high standards which characterized pottery making hundreds of years ago continue here today.

Your piece of blue and grey stoneware was designed by Phil Schaltenbrand, owner and founder of Westerwald Pottery. Twelve separate, hands-on processes were necessary for its completion. Each product is wheel-thrown, brush decorated and kiln-fired at 2300 degrees Fahrenheit. All glazes are lead-free, microwave and dishwasher-safe. All pieces are stamped with a potter’s mark, signed and dated. Many feature “Hellertown” in blue lettering. Limited inventory available. Prices subject to change without notice.

Choose from the following…

L-R One-Quart Jar, $23.50; Two-Quart Jar, $30.00; Vertical Jar, $23.50
L-R Two-Quart Pitcher, $30.00; One-Quart Pitcher, $23.50,; One-Quart Salt Crock, $23.50
L-R Preserve Jar, $27.00; Wine Cooler, $40.00; Two-Quart Utensil Crock, $30.00
L-R Soup Mug, $16.00; Flower Vase, $30.00; Bean Pot, $30.00
L-R Two-Quart Salt Crock, $30.00; Small Crock, $23.50; Two-Quart Crock, $25.00
L-R Butter Pot, $30.00; Barrel Coffee Mug, $15.00; Vertical Coffee Mug, $15.00
L-R Planter, $30.00; Soup Mug w/Lid, $20.00
Watercolor Painting of Heller-Wagner Grist Mill by Local Artist Joseph Sofka
  • As a major fundraiser for the Society during 2013, this print is available for purchase matted, numbered and signed by the artist in two styles.

  • Unframed – $60.00; Framed $99.00.

Grist Mill Watercolor Painting

Slate Ornaments & Hellertown's 250th Anniversary Commemorative Plates

Each ornament is prepared from a hand cut piece of slate and embossed with an actual photo of one of our historic structures or other Hellertown landmarks. Buy your favorite or collect them all. Supplies are limited and no new ornaments will be issued. $10.00 each.

Hellertown’s 250th Anniversary celebration is relived with these commemorative plates. Each plate features a lithograph image of Hellertown Borough Hall. $5.00

Grist Mill Ornaments

Wood ornaments featuring an image of the historic Heller-Wagner Grist Mill burned into the wood. Includes hanging string. $6.00 each.

Historic Hellertown Pool Baskets

These pool baskets are leftover historic artifacts from the early days of the Hellertown Pool which was built in 1939 using WPA funding during President Franklin Roosevelt’s administration.

The baskets were used to store a bather’s clothing and other personal items while enjoying a cool dip. Some baskets have the brass number tags still attached.

Each basket has been professionally cleaned and prepared for many different uses as seen in the examples below. $15.00 each.

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