Local Family Gifts HHS with $5,000.00

Hellertown Historical Society sincerely thanks long-time resident Michael Heffner and his family for their generous donation to our historic preservation and education initiatives. Their support is invaluable in preserving our town’s rich history for future generations.
HHS President Larry Sutton, left, is pictured with Michael Heffner and his family after presented with the $5,000.00 check.

HHS Elects 2024-2025 Officers

          The Board of Directors for Hellertown Historical Society held elections for Executive Officers for the 2024-2025 term at the April 12 meeting. The new Officers elected are:

President – Larry Sutton

Vice-President – Dennis Scholl

Secretary – Tina Krasnansky

Treasurer – Greg Stauffer

Congratulations to all the candidates!

Continuing a Legacy of Education

On December 12, the HHS Board of Directors unanimously approved funding in the amount of $10,000 in support of the Education Committee’s planned upgrades for the Society’s public tour and field trip programs. The funding will come from the Marcella Dimmick Fund which has previously been used to benefit other education-focused endeavors. The Education Committee, Board of Directors, and HHS treasurer will continue to discuss funding over the course of this month and the next to ensure all areas of improvement are adequately met. Discussions with the Borough regarding a handicapped-accessible access ramp to the HHS museum are also planned.

Miss Dimmick was a 1931 graduate of Hellertown High School and 1935 graduate of Moravian College. After graduating, Dimmick worked within the Saucon Valley School District as a guidance counselor and teacher of English, French, and History for over 40 years. Miss Dimmick always had a passion for local history and was a Member of the HHS Board of Directors before her passing in 2020 at the age of 105.

Continuing Miss Dimmick’s lifelong devotion to education and historical preservation is no small task. It is the hope of everyone at HHS that these funds and plans for our future ensure that Hellertown’s rich history is open and accessible to everyone both locally and worldwide.

Marcella Dimmick c.1940
Marcella Dimmick at HHS October 1997
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