Hellertown Historical Society Walking Tour

The Hellertown Historical Society presents a re-issued Walking Tour of Hellertown. The original Walking Tour of Hellertown was first published in the mid 1990’s, created by Borough of Hellertown resident, Nathan Bruce Yonney, who created the tour as a project towards attaining his Eagle Scout rank. Hellertown Historical Society has reviewed, re-edited and re-issued the updated tour in booklet form to include new information and more historical data.

This tour now features three separate walking loops of Hellertown offering historic sites and descriptions of early Hellertown history, including those from the original tour. Many of the buildings that still stand today may be compared to photos posted in the tour booklet from earlier years. Those that have been lost to time and progress are posted with early photos in the tour booklet to provide a visualization of how they appeared years ago. Each of the 57 sites on this tour contributes to the history and life in Hellertown. Truly this is a tour most visitors will want to experience to learn about early Hellertown.

As mentioned, the tour is separated into three sections or loops each beginning and ending at a convenient, free, off-street parking area. Each tour is less than 1.5 miles in length and always maintains the utmost pedestrian safety using established and maintained walkways, crosswalks and traffic signals. Nevertheless, pedestrians should exercise personal safety at all times while negotiating these tours. Please adhere to the tour directions for the most safety.

The Walking Tour Booklet is available to download as a PDF document by clicking the button below. In addition to the Tour instructions and description, the Walking Tour maps, three in all, are included in the booklet. Each of these maps offers the map key locations, in walking order, corresponding to the three sections on the Tour. Be sure to use the correct map for each loop. Users with a smart device may also use an optional interactive map of this tour by scanning the QR code provided below (internet access is necessary to use this feature). This interactive map lists all the map key sites, by pointers, along with photos and brief descriptions of each site simply by tapping the key pointer in the map.

Click this button to view/download/print a copy of the Walking Tour of Hellertown….

Walking Tour QR Code

Walking Tour QR

Use a mobile device to scan the QR Code above to access an interactive Walking Tour Map. Internet access is required to use this feature. Refer to the example images shown below for detail instructions to navigate the map. 

Each map key pointer designates a stop along the tour. The pointers are in “walking order” of the Tour. Clicking on the pointer displays information and often a photo describing the item. The map key pointers are color-coordinated for each loop of the Walking Tour with three separate and distinct loops in all.

Hellertown Historical Society Walking Tour
Hellertown Historical Society Walking Tour



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